Friday, August 26, 2005

It's nearly September and the tomatoes are still green

I'm only hoping that my foray into horticulture is going to result in SOMETHING. Hey. I germinated these things in April and it as August draws to a close...

Yeah, they're BIG honkin' green things, but "green" is the operative adjective here. Ok, everyone must "visualize" soft and red for me.

Cheryl writes that they've purchased a boat! Yaaay. I added a few accutrements to the photo, but they clearly have good times ahead.

Cooper showed up here today for his physical but is returning for one last night on the Cape tonight. He'll be finishing up the cleaning of the Hyannis Sound house tomorrow then it's the end of another idyllic and lucrative summer on the Cape. We enjoyed having him home for the first time since the Spring.
Finally, I leave you with my potato man. I was inspired to add a few limbs after I discovered an eye-full in the pantry.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Cooper ends his 2005 season on the Cape

Stan and I drove to Falmouth on Cape Cod last Monday to see the first of Hyannis Sound's final week concerts. It was very emotional so I can only imagine what the final concert tomorrow night will feel like for them. It's always difficult because a number of the guys must move on and the decisions are generally announced this week.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. These guys are so marvelous. If you'd like to see the videos I taped of Cooper's solo songs, click on these hyperlinks: "Take Me On" and "Washing on the Water"

We also had fun seeing Ed Boyer who joined the guys for the traditional Irish parting blessing.

We wish each of the ten guys in the Sound the best of times in the coming year and we look forward to seeing ALL of you at the reunion concert. You are a fabulous group of brothers. Townsend Belisle gave you a wonderful gift in 1994 when he founded the group.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Back in MA; kind of missing the Pacific Northwest

My visit to Oregon was terrific. It was a whirlwind of activity and although I had no specific agenda when I flew out last week, the process of dealing with my McMinnville property took form. Mom and I drove to Mac on Thursday to take care of the Water and Light transfer and met with some realtors whom I've known most of my life since they were in our church. They had some terrific ideas about facilitating improvements on the property and I was quite excited about working with them. The following morning, Stan listened to what I laid out as our options and suggested holding an open house on Sunday. I scrambled to put the ads in local newspapers and set out to work on cleaning up the yard. Mary Bernards Allen was unbelievable in the support she gave me. Come to think of it, she's always been unbelievable in the support she gives me. When Mom and I drove up on Saturday, there was Mary mowing the lawn!! We worked the rest of the afternoon and it felt really good to have a project together. We're dirty, scratched and bloody but still smiling:

Then we went to her place and sat on the deck beneath the water mister that Steve had installed. We sipped lemon drops beneath the fine mist, laughing, telling stories and enjoying the sunshine. Kara breezed through:

When Steve returned (he had taken Ross to buy a Lance Amstrong type bike in Salem), we went to the Golden Brew Pub for dinner. It was terrific. Ross with his new bike (below) before he left for the inagural ride with his friend Sean:

Sunday, Mom and I hurried out to Mac after I delayed departure in order to deliver a job to a client in MA for a Monday meeting with the CEO (this wasn't a vacation--I was still working as far as my clients knew). I had put together a spec sheet on the house that morning and I photocopied it at Staples then went to Wal-Mart to buy "FOR SALE" signs. As I asked an associate to help me locate them, I was stopped by a man who asked "you're selling a house?" This turned out to be the " signa" as in "Under the Tuscan Sun" because it was these very nice folks who have submitted the best offer and who will be owning my property if all goes well. We actually met lots of nice people throughout the day. Mary and Steve came by a couple of times to sit with us. She cleans up "real good":
McMinnville is a really nice area of the world.
On Monday, we drove over the coast range to visit with Cheryl, Sheldon and Brian in Manzanita. We went out to breakfast at Wanda's and then on to the beach for a while. We watched kite boarding or whatever it's called -- quite dramatic as they soar 20' into the air above the surf. Christy spread her blanket over the huge log but before long she grew far too warm. I looked over to see her blanket glowing red. It was on fire!

It was great to see Brian again and he's doing great. He's going to have a bright future, I'm certain. I only wish that Bernie could have been there as well. Here we are in Cheryl's and Sheldon's back yard and below at the beach.

I posed by the Tsunami Evacuation Route sign. What a tourist:

Mom and Christy pose at the overlook on highway 101 with Manzanita visible below:

Christy took us out for a lovely meal at Camp 18 on the ride home.
The next morning I flew back home and Stan collected me at TF Green Airport in Providence sporting a new vanity plate for the MINI: "MTRING" Ah...yes, we're motoring in the MINI.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Suddenly Oregon

Saturday July 30th I decided to travel to Oregon and booked the trip for the following Tuesday. So that puts me in the great Pacific Northwest this morning! I flew past Mt. Hood in all of its magnificience:

On Wednesday, I joined Mom as her "Senior Serenaders" performed for a local Hillsboro nursing home:

Following that, we jumped on the MAX, destination "Old Town" Portland's Chinese Gardens. Oh, what an enchanting place. Here's Mom in the "Pavillion of knowing fish."

We had white peony tea and some very brown marinated Chinese eggs in the tea house.

Afterwards, we hoofed off to "Dan and Louis Oyster Bar" to meet Christy for dinner. Mom and I enjoyed an assortment of raw oysters from various locations, both local and distant (mmmm!) And I had a huge crab louie.