Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Allens Visit from Oregon

Six Allens (that includes Bernardo from Caracas) graced our home with a very special visit in April. I warned them that we've had nor'easters on April first that bring life in the Bay State to a halt but they came anyway!
So wouldn't ya was shirtsleeve weather. Here are Carley, Bernie, Kara and Ross at Fenway Park:

We visited the Lowell Historic Park, Boston (a couple of times), Lexington, Concord and took in the blues jam at John Stone's here in Ashland. It was a GREAT time.
Mary, Cindy & Steve at Walden Pond. The two of them ensured that we had a Starbucks at all times (Just like Thoreau only he had to walk further into Concord):