Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meara McGinn

Congratulations to Bernie and Scarlett! Meara McGinn was born in the wee hours of Saturday morning, July 22. She was just under 5 pounds but 19 inches "tall!"
Meara now assumes her place as the FIRST second-generation progeny descended from those of us once known as the Benson girls. She's the first of a new generation and very unique since the generation prior to hers is ALL MALE.
It remains to be seen as to how long it will take Cheryl to get used to being called a grandma. I'm still struggling with the "great" that's suddenly preceding my aunt status. We all know that Mom will have NO problem with her "great-grandmother" label. She's very excited about Meara.

More photos of Bernie, Scarlett and Meara may be found here


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