Friday, August 26, 2005

It's nearly September and the tomatoes are still green

I'm only hoping that my foray into horticulture is going to result in SOMETHING. Hey. I germinated these things in April and it as August draws to a close...

Yeah, they're BIG honkin' green things, but "green" is the operative adjective here. Ok, everyone must "visualize" soft and red for me.

Cheryl writes that they've purchased a boat! Yaaay. I added a few accutrements to the photo, but they clearly have good times ahead.

Cooper showed up here today for his physical but is returning for one last night on the Cape tonight. He'll be finishing up the cleaning of the Hyannis Sound house tomorrow then it's the end of another idyllic and lucrative summer on the Cape. We enjoyed having him home for the first time since the Spring.
Finally, I leave you with my potato man. I was inspired to add a few limbs after I discovered an eye-full in the pantry.


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