Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fresh Paint

I've neglected this blog since last summer but I guess I can take a few moments to catch up.

Since I left off with Stan performing the necessary repairs on the windows in preparation for the new paint job, I guess that's where I'll pick up:
You may go here to view the "before" and "after"

Painter's Pride of Framingham did a terrific job painting our house. I used Benjamin Moore simulation software to select the color palette. It enables you to load an image of your house then explore as many color alternatives as you can stand!

We did ok over the winter -- didn't have to venture out unless we chose since Stan and I are both operating out of our home offices (he's upstairs, I'm down; we meet for lunch in the kitchen).

More recently, I finally got my new MINI Cooper S.
This is me with my British flag Doc Marten boots I bought for the historic "pick up" day.

Winter 2005

This is a March snowstorm -- a "nor'easter." Cooper was home for "Spring" break and decided to build a snowman. It was an ambitious effort.

The Chinese Milky Way Dogwood tree became very heavy with snow. Normally, it has a very vertical aspect.

Cooper and I drove in to Tufts for the "Harmony Sweepstakes" festival hosted by the Bubs. "Firedrill" took the festival and went on to compete on the west coast. This group included a number of Hyannis Sound alums (and Nate Altimari, a Doo-Wop Shop" former member). Unfortunately, while driving home through Boston (in March, this is risky), a pothole took out the rear passenger tire on the Audi and we ended up being stuck in Boston for three hours, roadside in the snow. Two AAA trucks later, we finally got home at 3 am.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tea at Quinci and Michaels

Before Mom left on June 20th, we were able to motor over to Hudson for a delightful tea with Quinci and Michael. It had been a year since Mom saw them and it was especially good to catch up after all they've been through this year. We were served Rooibos tea and chocolate frosted almond/carrot muffins at their new marble-top kitchen table. The floor had just been finished and the kitchen is looking GRAND!
Naturally, Mother and I had to dress for the occassion (since she's "Queen Mum" and all):

Michael and Quinci are doing very well. The renovations continue, but the home is turning into quite a showplace.