Friday, May 05, 2006

My trip to NYC

On May 5, I made a sudden decsion to go to New York because I couldn't stand missing Cooper cast as Ichabod Crane in the New York debute of "Sleepy Hollow," a new musical by Michelle Akerman. At 10:00 am I checked into hotels and transportation then caught the Limoliner bus to midtown Manhatten, leaving the Framingham Sheraton Tara at 2:30 pm. The bus has wireless internet so I worked on the trip down and it went really fast. I walked from the bus to the Emerging Artists Theatre off of Times Square. As I entered the theatre, I was greeted by Megan and Luann! That was so much fun. We all went out to dinner afterwards. Cooper and Grant walked me back to the Times Square Crown Plaza where I had a room on the 42nd floor. The next morning I was awoken early by the Revlon Walk for Cancer so I took a walk to Rockerfeller Center and enjoyed a trip to the Top of the Rock. I fooled around the city a bit for the rest of the morning then walked back to the bus for an early afternoon return to Massachusetts.

It was great that the bus had web access so I could email images to Stan revealing who I fooled around with in NYC: